Founded in 1996, OB Food Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale listed enterprise (stock abbreviation: OB Food, stock code: 002650) integrating R&D, production and marketing of condiments. With 8 wholly-owned subsidiaries and total assets of 3.1 billion yuan, OB is a leading condiment enterprise in China in terms of comprehensive strength. On January 6, 2012, OB was successfully listed in the A-share capital market. Known as "No. 1 soy sauce share in China".

      OB implements a “1+1” brand strategy. “OB” concentrates on condiments with soy sauce as the leading product, including vinegar, chicken essence, oyster sauce, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, etc., while “Panzhongcan” concentrates on vegetable oils. OB focuses on strategic products such as “Additive-Free Condiments”, “Salt-Reduced Light Soy Sauce”, “Naturally Fermented Premium Soy Sauce” and “Noodles Savory Light Soy Sauce”, and promotes its products both online and offline. Naturally fermented premium soy sauce, noodles savory light soy sauce, seasoned soy sauce for seafood, premium gourmet light soy sauce, golden label light soy sauce, superior dark soy sauce, vinegar, oyster sauce, cooking wine and other products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Nepal, India and other countries. 

      OB mainly adopts the distributor agent model, and has developed more than 1,800 general distributors in China, developed and authorized 8 overseas agent distributors, and developed more than 360,000 terminal outlets worldwide. OB sells 350 single products, which basically cover the entire condiment series. The zero addition series and salt reduction series products, in particular, are welcomed by the market and recognized by the consumers. Boasting three production bases—Changsha (Hunan Province), Xinzheng (Henan Province) and Langzhong (Sichuan Province), a sales system covering the whole country, the soundness of which ranking the top of the industry, a complete business management system, and a comprehensive digital management model, OB is a well-known condiment brand in China. Meanwhile, OB has also set up five sales channels, including KA, catering, e-commerce, new retail and welfare supplies, and established a three-dimensional marketing pattern of “vertical circulation channel extension, multi-channel development, online and offline integration”.

      OB has won honorary titles such as “National Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization”, “High-tech Enterprise”, “National Green Factory”, “National Demonstration Enterprise of Soy Sauce Production” and “Benchmarking Consumer Goods Enterprise of Hunan Province”. In 2020, OB Food Science and Technology Industrial Park passed the acceptance inspection organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and won the title of “Fermented Food (Soy Sauce) Digital Factory”. OB food has also passed international certifications of ISO 22000, ISO 9001, OHSAS, ISO 14000, etc.

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